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The company CORK JANOSA s.r.o. was founded in 2001 and is now owned 100% by a Czech owners with a transparent ownership structure. We are a Czech company that specializes in the production of corks, especially for the needs of wine producers. We do not import finihed stoppers, we import raw materials for their production. We produce stoppers here and we are proud that our trade does not only consist in changing the labels on imported cartons of goods.

In 2005, we began working exclusively with the Australian company NuKorc, which produced high-quality synthetic extruded stoppers, on the basis of exclusive representation. Those, for a long time periode, were the best synthetic stoppers in the world. However, today the wine business is less and less interested in anything synthetic, so those stopper were replaced with a good quality technical stoppers.

In the same year, we started cooperating with the Spanish company KOALA, which produces high-quality corkscrews and other accessories for winemakers and their marketing. Thanks to the regular transport of raw materials from southern Europe, we are able to offer these products to our winemakers very advantageously, because the price at which we sell them is not burdened by the excessive transport costs. KOALA corkscrews printed with the winery's logo are a popular selling material for many of our winemakers.

In 2007, we started cooperation with the Italian company ENOPLASTIC, which is one of the world's largest and most technologically advanced manufacturers of PVC and aluminum capsules, on the basis of exclusive representation. Thanks to this cooperation, we can offer our customers the latest technology in the creation of design, printing and various types of capsule surfaces.

In 2009 we started cooperating with the well-known French company DIAM BOUCHAGE, which is today a manufacturer of the highest quality corks in the world. We complete DIAM stoppers for this company on the basis of an exclusive contract and supply them to DIAM customers in the surrounding countries. We are today an official finishing centre for DIAM in the teritorry of AUSTRIA and Hungary. Czech and Slovak winemakers also benefit from this cooperation, for whom DIAM stoppers have become more economical and time-efficient thanks to the connection with the parent company DIAM BOUCHAGE.

At present, we also operate a new laser machine for firing the cork discs.

The purchase of raw materials in our country is provided by several permanent, proven and long-term suppliers from Portugal. The quality of the purchased raw material is checked first by an independent laboratory and then also by an employee of our company, who works directly in Portugal and who is responsible for compliance with the required standards when purchasing the raw material. Each delivery of raw material is provided with a certificate for the TCA content in the purchased raw material.

Our best-known products are also STERICORK® microgranulate corks, which achieve excellent parameters and are fully comparable to natural stoppers in their bottle behavior. These corks were developed by the company and are patented in its name. With this kind of product we could create for you your own brand of microgranulated corks for your market.

The Czech company CORK JANOSA is designed to serve not only the Czech market, but also the markets of the surrounding countries. The company is located 330 km from Budapest, 190 km from Vienna and 40 km from the Slovak border.

Since this year we became the exclusive distributor of LAFFORT oenological products for Czech and Slovak Republic.

The company has sufficient capacity for printing, sterilization, treatment, packaging and shipping of stoppers. In addition to the production of stoppers, we also provide all services associated with graphic designs of printing stoppers, capsules and corkscrews for our customers.

We are also capable of producing a very special type of stoppers with wooden or steel heads, different forms ,and different stopper sizes and materials - this is a highly precise and individual job we can do for demanding customers and products.

CORK JANOSA is certified for ISO 9001: 2001 and HACCP standards.

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