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Welcome to the pages of the Czech Republic's only cork stopper producer

In addition to all regular types of cork stopper, CORK JANOSA also offers its clients the following services:

In addition to a full range of classic cork stoppers and special stoppers like MICROCORK, STERICORK or 4-part stoppers, we can also supply BarTop stoppers with plastic, wooden, or any other material head of classic or bespoke design. Stoppers can also be supplied in different colours and with logo print or engraving.

Special cork stoppers produced by JANOSA

STERICORK - a stopper produced from specially selected small (0.2mm) granulate size, selected from the very best cork material and formed using a special and costly agent and moulding machinery. STERICORK provides excellent elastic performance, allowing the wine to 'breathe' but not to oxidize. Due to its perfectly flat surface, this stopper is ideal for imprinting with complex motifs. Also, with its chamfered ends it works perfectly for lower-tech bottling plants or bottles, where other stoppers will often leave cork fragments in wine. This stopper is perfect for wines intended for storage up to four years.

MICROCORK - is made from the same material as STERICORK, but with end discs from best quality natural cork. Again, due to its perfectly flat surface, this stopper is excellent for printing with complex motifs. The stopper is perfect for wines stored for up to eight years.

4-part stopper - made from two half-cylinders and two natural cork disc ends bonded together. Its also produced in three different qualities. An important advantage of both 3-part and 4-part stoppers is that the same row of cork material will never meet in the final product construction, and the chances of a defect running from one end of a stopper to the other is almost nil. Statistically, in fact, the chance of such a defect is three times lower in the case of a 3-part stopper, and four times lower for the 4-part stopper, than is the case with classic natural cork. For the same reason, TCA risk is also reduced with these stoppers.

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